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It’s a Love Affair..! We Know Your Love for Subaru..!

Save up to 50% on Subaru Repair & Service

24 Months / 24,000 Miles Warranty (Including Parts & Labor)

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Desi Auto Care is a full service Subaru specialized repair and service center in Stratford, NJ. (Serving South Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware) We bring over 30 years of German automotive experience and technical expertise. We’re team of Subaru trained specialists with dealer level expertise.

We welcome you to our facility, upon your visit we will explain to you which of the repairs are required to correct existing problems and which are for preventive maintenance. We will provide you all diagnostic details, why the problem occurred, what the cause was and what the correction is and after repair test drive report.

Independent Subaru Repair Shop Service Doesn’t Void Warranty
You don’t have to take your Subaru to the dealer to maintain your warranty

We have the experience, resources and knowledge to meet all your Subaru repair and service needs. Your work will be done at a REASONABLE cost. We will not perform any repair work without your prior authorization. No hidden cost.

We take pride in our personal service to our customers and their Subarus. We’re proud to be a Female Friendly repair shop. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Experience the difference!

We’re Proud to be Female Friendly!

  • 47 % of our customers are women
  • Women deserve a repair shop they can fully trust
  • Our technician will take time to explain things with patience
  • Please! Ask us any questions; we’ll be very happy to answer
  • Your questions accurately answered in ways you can understand
  • We provides detailed written estimate of the work to be performed
  • We make sure women’s experience of Subaru repair is a pleasant one

Our criteria for a female customer are - honesty, respect, integrity and willingness for open communication. As you walk into our shop the receptionist will welcome you with friendly greeting, you can’t help but notice the clean, fresh smell of our beautiful waiting area. The fresh Keurig coffee brewed one cup at a time and lots of free refreshments for you and “of course Very Clean Restroom!"

There is Only One Boss – The Customer!

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Service inspections
  • Routine maintenance
  • Major and minor repairs
  • Verified by
  • Clean-Comfortable waiting area
  • We accept after-market extended warranties
  • Dealer level state of the art - full diagnostics for Subaru
  • Free Coffee, Tea, Soda, Cookie, Juice, Candy, Snacks
  • Highest quality OES Parts (Original Equipment Supplier)
  • Highest quality OEM Parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


  • After Hours Drop-Off
  • Cable TV
  • Customer Lounge
  • Free Wifi
  • Magazines
  • Refreshments
  • Transit Accessible
  • Walkable Area
  • Weekend Hours
  • Kids Play Area
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Contact-Free Service

Meet Our Team

  • Josh Saraves

    Lead Expert Technician

    Lead Master Technician Josh Saraves grew up with an extra ordinary talent for fixing cars and a passion for Subaru. Josh grew up in New Jersey working at his family’s auto repair shop, doing what he loved the most - fixing the cars! At age seventeen Josh bought old Volkswagen, went to junk yard, paid $65 for Transmission and replaced himself and he has been in love with auto service ever since. Afterword Josh decided to pursue the automotive industry and established an excellent reputation for accurate diagnosis and solutions to repair a variety of cars.

    Josh has more than 20 years of technical expertise of GERMAN / EUROPEAN / JAPANESE auto repair service, maintenance, performance upgrades and modifications. Josh and his team of technicians continue to keep up to date with information on the latest models, tools and knowledge to service your modern Subaru.

    Josh maintains hundreds of loyal Subaru customers throughout New Jersey - Philadelphia - Delaware with personal service, expert advice, the latest in technology, timely service, reasonable prices and peace of mind!

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41 Reviews

  • Maya Cybulasky
    Maya Cybulasky2 months ago

    Last week there was a noise from the front end of my car and they apparently took the brakes apart and reassembled them. Noise gone! Thanks.

    2016 Subaru Crosstreck
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  • April Gallert
    April Gallert2 months ago

    Just by talking on the phone he was able to ascertain the issues my car possibly had and was able to prioritize what to repair first to suit my certain budget. His valuable advice saved me money!

    2015 Subaru WRX
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  • Carissa Belk
    Carissa Belk 3 months ago

    I took my car to get serviced here and they were honest about everything that needed repair on my car. Last month I took my car to a Cherry Hill auto body shop and my check engine light came back within 3 days! Josh and his crew found multiple issues that the previous shop did not find and even showed me the old parts and why they were malfunctioning. I decided to repair all of the issues. Hands down the best experience I have for car repair. This will definitely be my go-to repair shop!

    2016 Subaru Forester
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  • Ramos B
    Ramos B4 months ago

    Josh explains the job (my Transmission issue) done, the invoice line by line and the 2 yaer warranty. Simply put - it is a professional service at good price, you would feel comfortable bringing their car here ( from Mr. “know it all” to “only if I have to” kind customers). Their business model is based in building long-term relationships with you so they are looking out for your best interests and not trying just to make a quick bucks.

    2019 Subaru BRZ
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  • Marcos Kazer
    Marcos Kazer7 months ago

    On my way out, I saw at least 100 cases of MOBILE1 synthetic oil-this says a lot to a car guy like me..if they are taking great care of the inside of my engine, this means they are on it to win it an will be here for very long haul. I appreciate their efforts to be better.

    2015 Subaru WRX
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  • Bianca Hart
    Bianca Hart10 months ago

    My power seat stopped working and Chris took a quick look and replaced one small fuse! Power seat started working again. Good job!

    2018 Subaru CrossTrek
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  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith11 months ago

    My car was hesitating when I accelerated so I brought it here to get it checked out. Before going forward with any repairs, Sam emailed me what needed to be replaced to fix the issue as well as regular scheduled maintenance that was overdue (including prices for all of this items).

    When I go to pick it up, he explained very clearly what the issue was, what parts were replaced, and most importantly, going back in within 30 days to get my timing belt and water pump replaced since it has never been replaced after 110k miles. Fast turnaround for all that needed to be repaired. No complaints!

    2011 Subaru Out Back
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  • Tirkas James
    Tirkas James1 year ago

    Thanks to Drew from the beginning to the end of my process. From the time I called, he was friendly. I stopped by Desi Auto Care to speak with him in person before I brought it back for service the next week. He said I can drop my car off first thing in the morning. He told me some minor items that were necessary. I felt comfortable.

    He is straight forward about what was required to be repaired and planned out. I was happy with his timing of completing the repair. I like this repair shop which is specialized in Subaru service. I told him I’ll be back and we both agreed not too soon!

    2019 Subaru Outback
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  • Katie Talmon
    Katie Talmon1 year ago

    Awesome mechanics! Brought my wagon in here because of engine was misfiring. Andrew took a look and gave me and honest assessment! He gives me an options to fix the problem without breaking the bank! Well done!

    2010 Subaru WRX
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  • Justin Gilley
    Justin Gilley1 year ago

    Whether it is a regular service, some major repair or just fixing a faulty turn signal light bulb or faulty fuel pump replacement, they are willing to accommodate and their charges are a fraction of a dealer. Yes, a major repair could take a little longer — they are local, one outlet shop with professionalism!

    2013 Subaru BRZ
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  • RohanKumar Ahuja
    RohanKumar Ahuja1 year ago

    The management has professional sense. I like their online scheduling on website. I generally drop off my car as my job is nearby. Also turnaround time is usually same day, and they will text you, when your car is ready for pick up.

    2014 Subaru TribecaSUV
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  • Holly Snyder
    Holly Snyder1 year ago

    Funky issues were happening and my regular shop said they "couldn't read the car's computer..." which was cold. I called Desi Auto Care and Chris told me to come in directly after work as he is open until 6pm.

    I enter in around 5pm and he took my car in and ran computer diag readings on it. He was cool while I tried to explain the issues I was experiencing. He let me stand next to him while he walked me through the different laptop screens and read through details the computer gave out. He asked me to bring back the car tomorrow to be checked more thoroughly. I felt comfortable. Bravo. Thanks.

    2012 Subaru Impreza
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  • Wayne D. Smith
    Wayne D. Smith1 year ago

    Brought my car in for new spark plugs. Day before Sam gave me and exact price over the phone. Work was done in 55 mins. While I waited in the office. Will be bringing my car back for sure!

    2016 Subaru forester
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  • Boris
    Boris1 year ago

    Found this shop on Google. I didn't want to drive to my regular spot in Philadelphia which would've required a lot of time and money. My engine light sign popped up. I thought it was a serious issue. Sam was very honest about my options and personable. Easy to talk to and was friendly. Had my car ready within 2 and 1/2 hrs. Would I come her again? YES!

    2012 Subaru Outback
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  • Joseph J.
    Joseph J.1 year ago

    I called Desi Auto Care and Chris answered my call. I told him I just bought this car and it needs a timing and water pump replacement. He email me fair quote and explained the quote included genuine Subaru replacement parts and also he will replace seals and drive belts so I don’t have any surprises and extra expenses.

    I scheduled my appointment… My car was ready for pickup at 4 pm… additionally he fully inspected the car, checked brakes & tires, topped off needed fluids! My car is now up to date on its recommended service and running perfect!

    2016 Subaru Outback
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  • Brandy White
    Brandy White1 year ago

    It was time to revisit Desi Auto Care. My Subaru was due for a few maintenance service and general check-up. Called up and got placed on their appointment book. Drop off was an ease and got to see a silver Bentley in the shop while I was in office.

    Next day Brian called me up around 4pm telling me car was ready for pickup. I rolled in, shot the talk with him and he sent me out the door reassured that job was done perfect. Thank you for servicing my beloved Subaru!

    If you are living in this area and have a Subaru and your car needs repairs, or just want to add some fancy modifications to your ride, this is the shop! Desi Auto Care is an upfront repair shop. They don't just replace parts, unless it's really needed.

    2017 Subaru SUV 2.5i
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  • John farrow
    John farrow2 years ago

    Fantastic employees. No upsell and just straight talk about how to properly repair you ride. Under 45 minutes for a oil change on an exceedingly busy Saturday. You know a repair shop is reputed when they literally need to turn away customers to make time for job orders.

    2011 Subaru Legacy
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  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 years ago

    I had a warning sign come on my dashboard. Dropped off my Subaru. I was waiting to get the quotes that my muffler bearings were bad and the flux capacitor was not at full capacity..ya...ya...Instead, he called to say the car it just needed a brake fluid flush and otherwise is fine. Out the door for less than $150 including oil change. This is now my go to repair shop.

    2016 Subaru Crosstrek
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  • Jong-Lee Yi
    Jong-Lee Yi2 years ago

    They checked out to see which codes triggered the warning light. Instead of convincing me that I needed to repair this and that & so on..fixed, Josh told me it will not affect the driveability of my car or put my family in any danger if I do not get these items repaired. He could have easily sold me the job anywhere from $1400-$2200.

    2015 Subaru wrx
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  • Alison Monro
    Alison Monro2 years ago

    What a gem! I'm glad to have found this shop. I was at the dealership where I was always severely taken advantage of and in a rush found Desi Auto Care on Google. I called and Brian sent me a quote right away and gave me an appointment for the next day.

    While I was highly over paying for oil changes at the dealer, I found Desi Auto is much quicker and professional. They have a clean waiting room with Wifi and free snacks and sodas. I was treated friendly here. Last time it took the dealership 4 hours to do an oil/filter change.

    At Desi I got all new brakes rotors and it only took a couple of hours. Brian also called me to follow up when I was treated there due to heavy traffic. They're not selling you something you don't need. In the future I'm going back when I need a repair again.

    2020 Subaru Ascent
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  • Ravi Tiwari
    Ravi Tiwari2 years ago

    I spoke to Bryan; he answered all my questions over the phone. He has a lot of knowledge in regards to 3rd party warranties!

    2013 Subaru brz
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  • Mike Boyette
    Mike Boyette2 years ago

    Reliable service. I take my headache car 110k miles to them and they seem to be able to take care of whatever I throw at them with a professional job and a better price. Recently fixed car surge forward when trying to shift into park.

    2015 Subaru Outback
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  • Maria Sue B.
    Maria Sue B.2 years ago

    I had an oil leak. Josh gave me details on what's going on during the diagnosis inspection. Give me a fair deal on the repair. He also checked my brakes and tire's pressure and muffler issue. It was a positive experience my car serviced here. Definitely coming back for future repairs. Thanks.

    2019 Subaru BRZ
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  • David Fairfax
    David Fairfax2 years ago

    It was an issue with the passenger side door and had to replace actuator. So, I called this last weekend, made an appointment for today. When I arrived at the shop, the manager wasn't at the shop but mechanic told me repair job for door actuator replacement will take 2-3 hours and I decided to stay until the job is done. There was a lot of free refreshments in office (thank you for that!). I recommend Desi Auto Shop after your vehicle's warranty is expired.

    2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca
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  • Natalya Rios
    Natalya Rios2 years ago

    I took my car to Desi for a 2nd opinion. Josh turned the ignition on and diagnosed the issue within 10 minutes. He gave me a few options and I went for the valve job. He was patient enough to do the job correctly. While rebuilding the top end, Sam would communicate with me via text about other issues on the front end like worn out ball joints, hoses, and related things that happen after 175k miles. I was satisfied with the recommendations and will continue to take to Desi Auto Care. Very pleased with the outcome.

    2007 Subaru Tubro
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  • Amy Conforti
    Amy Conforti2 years ago

    We have Been coming here since shop first opened years ago and we'll continue. These mechanics have installed three performance parts on my car ranging from a bigger turbo to suspension to external wastegates. Desi Auto Care has killer pricing for fully synthetic oil/filter changes, highly recommend! A++

    2009 Subaru wrx
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  • Enrique
    Enrique2 years ago

    Few weeks before, Chris worked with me to install a set of skid plates. Three of the included bolts were the wrong size, and he sourced superior quality replacement bolts. The plates have installed perfectly, thanks. I’m planning on having him install a suspension upgrade soon, as I'm pleased with his service.

    2016 Subaru Forrester 2.5i
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  • Derek James
    Derek James2 years ago

    Got a "check engine" sign on my car driving back from my workplace. Chris diagnosed the car but, couldn't repair the car same evening (6pm) but he did help reset the errors code so that I could get back home. No charge. Thank you for your help!

    Next day he removed the valve cover and replaced the tube seals and gasket to correct this issue.

    2013 Subaru Forester
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  • Keisha Raheem-Washington
    Keisha Raheem-Washington2 years ago

    My car was acting like it had a transmission issue, called transmission shop and they wanted to replace the transmission. I wrote a post on Facebook asking my group where to take my Subaru and they had highly recommended Desi Auto Care. So I took it over to them. It was an easy fix, it just happened to be a fuse replacement. So, it went quickly from a few thousand dollars transmission to a fuse which Desi Auto Care took care for me. I'm grateful for their honesty!

    2015 Subaru WRX
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  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith3 years ago

    Used car dealer shop told me I needed to replace axel shaft. Desi told me, I only needed a wheel bearing.

    Mechanics that will talk you through the repairs before they perform any service. Chris and Carl are great- if you have a special car- take it no place else, but do call in advance, they're so good that they are always busy which is a great sign!

    2018 Subaru WRX 2018
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  • Joshua Lego
    Joshua Lego3 years ago

    Visited Desi Auto Care when I had failed radiator overheating issues. They thoroughly examined and diagnosed the issue by the evening. I was very satisfied with their attention to details.

    He also fix the hood latch at a fraction of what dealership was asking. I'll be bringing them my both cars for its maintenance from now on. Plus thank you for fill up all the fluids and tire pressure check!

    2006 Subaru Baja Sport
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  • Halley Evans
    Halley Evans3 years ago

    They allow appointment-making online. It's always tough for me to remember to call, so online is a must for me. On my first visit, Sam assured me that his goal was to keep me as a satisfied customer. He worked with my extended warranty company, so I haven't had to worry about losing that benefit.

    2019 Subaru Ascent
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  • Derick Rosati
    Derick Rosati3 years ago

    I live around the corner, while my car was parked on my driveway, I see side lights were on, but car was not on. After getting inside the car I noticed a smell of burned plastic. There was a one customer cancellation at Desi Auto Care, so I got appointment right away. Chris tried different ways to shut off the side lights, could not do it. Finally, he traced the smell pf the burning plastic to the front of the car. electrical wiring harness was burning and smoking. He disconnected it and the power failure stopped, but wiring harness had melted and wires burnt.

    Chris said the condensation in the front and moisture caused a short in the harness. Without intervening my Sabaru could have caught fire. He was busy, but find the time to do the job himself. It is rare to find a shop you can trust.

    I'm confident in his service and will bring my car back again without hesitation.

    2009 Subaru Forester L.L. Bean Edition
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  • Ted McHenry
    Ted McHenry3 years ago

    Every Subaru owner knows they can be sometimes complicated. Took my car in for a 90K maintenance also had a check engine light ON. I ended up needing a new fuel pump and few other stuffs that were important to fix. Luckily Sam was able to get my warranty company to sign off on the majority of the repairs and worked with the inspector to get it all approved.

    2015 Subaru WRX Limited
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  • Casey Andeer
    Casey Andeer3 years ago

    I was asking around at different shops how much to swap-out my throttle actuators (P2119 code) and Desi Auto Care gave me the lowest quote! Set appointment for me to come in and the quote stayed the same. Andrew didn't try adding other random charges like other shops do. He scanned my ECU and made sure my actuators were the issue and he called me as soon as he confirmed it. I would recommend this shop to anyone who wants an honest mechanic and who won't charge you an arm and a leg! I got my car back and issue was gone. Thank you Andrew I hope you enjoyed the donuts and you definitely have my business.

    2013 Subaru BRZ H4 Engine
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  • Lauren Bakley
    Lauren Bakley3 years ago

    Cheaper than other shops and always excellent repair jobs. Chris is the one that also does the work so I trust that the work will always be done correctly. I have had oil changes, fluid flushes, control arm bushing changes. Inspection (many things can't remember) he informs me about things I need to look out for an possibly change in the future. Great overall, will be back.

    2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i
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    Chris3 years ago

    Hello Lauren!

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We appreciate your support.

    Best wishes from - SUBARU specialist independent, local auto repair shop, Japanese expert, certified mechanics, imported maintenance service center.

    Yes! We're proud to be a female friendly auto repair shop.

  • Wheeler
    Wheeler3 years ago

    Katelyn was courteous and helped me with processing my repair job via my extended warranty and Drew gave me other tips. It’s hard to find a repair shop that knows what they are talking about and will genuinely help you out. Two big thumbs up and thank you!

    2016 Subaru Crossstrek
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    Katelyn3 years ago

    Hello Mr. Wheeler!

    We specialize in happy customers. Thank you so much.

    Best wishes from - SUBARU specialist independent, local auto repair shop, Japanese expert, certified mechanics, imported maintenance service center.

    Yes! We're proud to be a female friendly auto repair shop.

  • Lynn Heiland
    Lynn Heiland3 years ago

    I broke the shift lever on my Subaru. Turnersville dealer quoted $305 for parts plus $738 for labor (total cost $1043). Chris did the job for $457 including new part, labor, new light bulb, and fluid fill up. I dropped the cat off at 11 am and picked it up by 3:30 pm. Good job.

    2014 Subaru Tribeca
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    Leslie3 years ago

    Hello Lynn!

    It was a delight working with you! Thank you for sharing your experience. We appreciate your support.

    Best wishes from - Subaru specialist independent, local auto repair shop, expert, certified mechanics, imported maintenance service center.

    Yes! We're proud to be a female friendly auto repair shop.

  • scott coleman
    scott coleman3 years ago

    They saved my car after my radiator hose exploded. Fair prices and more importantly great service. Only concern is that they’re too busy with all the positive reviews but they still manage to do it. So grateful that he was able to take it in right away and fix the problem and repair it fast.

    2016 Subaru forester 2.5i
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    Leslie3 years ago

    Hello Scott!

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It was a pleasure to take care of your Forester.

    Best wishes from - Subaru specialist independent local auto repair shop, certified expert mechanics, imported maintenance service center.

  • Jason Wynn
    Jason Wynn4 years ago

    Took my car (purchased in Aug 2018) to Desi shop for engine oil leaking from both cam carriers and upper oil pan. Leak causing exhaust a burning smell. Sean did a thorough analysis of my car and did a repair service I could not be more satisfied. My car runs great and he gave me an honest analysis what to watch out for. i'll definitely be going back in future.

    2014 Subaru Outback 2.5i
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    Katelyn4 years ago

    Hello Jason!

    We welcomes you to our Subaru-family of fine customers! Thank you very much.

    Best wishes from - Subaru specialist independent, local auto repair shop, Japanese expert, certified mechanics, imported maintenance service center.

  • Lenker Mary
    Lenker Mary4 years ago

    Unfortunately my car was leaking coolant so I could not pass the NJ state inspection with the car overheating. I called Sean he advised me to wait until the engine cooled down a bit, then fill it with water and bring it in. I was able to do all that and drove it over to Desi Auto Care, he was able to fit me in (despite of the shop being full of cars). He explained to me the issue and cost to fix it. They did a nice-clean job. This is my go to car is a gift from my grandpa and I appreciate the tender care they provide.

    2005 Subaru Impreza
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    Sean4 years ago

    Hello Mary!

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We appreciate your support.

    Best wishes from - SUBARU specialist independent, local auto repair shop, Japanese expert, certified mechanics, imported maintenance service center.

    Yes! We're proud to be a female friendly auto repair shop.